We recognize that every child learns differently. At New Designs, we work with our students to identify their unique learning styles and to ensure that they receive the educational support and resources they need to thrive. From personal tutoring sessions to help students grasp a concept to the challenge of college courses for high achievers, every student has a place at New Designs.

Early College Program

High achieving students in grades seven through twelve have the opportunity to enroll in college classes. Through our unique partnership with Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) and Los Angeles Southwest College, our students can take college classes—some without ever leaving our campus! For courses not offered on our campuses, students attend class in a college setting.

Since the program’s inception, more than 150 students have completed at least three college-level classes each. Our current class of graduating seniors accumulated an average of 20 college credits through this arrangement! Some of our students have graduated with as many as 35 community college credits, and this is in addition to their regular course work and Advanced Placement (AP) classes. You can learn more about the courses offered at each of our campuses by visiting the University Park or Watts School websites.

We envision a future where our students will graduate with an Associates of Arts (AA) degree along with their high school diploma.

Extended Learning Academy (ExLA)

As an extension to our regular school day, New Designs Charter Schools offers before- and after-school tutoring for all of our students through our Extended Learning Academy (ExLA). The ExLA provides enrichment and remediation activities in core subjects in a supervised and structured setting. During these tutoring sessions, college students from neighboring Mount St. Mary’s College, as well as some of our teaching staff, offer assistance in various subject areas.

Saturday School

The Saturday School program helps our students grow academically and in any other areas in which they may need improvement. During tutoring sessions, our staff closely follows the grade-level lesson plans to reinforce concepts the students worked on during the week.