We get lots of questions, and we are always happy to help you out. We’ve put together a list of the questions we hear most often so you can find the answers when you need them. For school-specific questions, visit your campus website for information or to download a copy of your student/parent handbook.

How much does it cost to attend a New Designs Charter School?

New Designs is a tuition-free public school.

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What is the difference between a charter school and a public school?

Just like public schools, charter schools receive their funding from the state. The primary difference is in how we run our schools. Rather than an elected board and school district, we enjoy the freedom of a self-appointed board, which allows us to choose our own curricula and instructional methods. With this model, New Designs can implement programs and utilize teaching methods designed to meet the specific needs of students residing in South L.A.

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What are the qualifications for student acceptance to a New Designs school?

We do not require applicants to meet specific academic or testing benchmarks and accept applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. However, we are a college-preparatory school, and we expect our students to do the work required to succeed in a results-oriented environment.

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What is a Career Pathway, and what career fields can students choose from?

In addition to preparing our students for higher education, we also understand the importance of gaining real-world experience and job skills. Additionally, exploring career pathways helps our students discover what they love and what they can expect if they pursue a career related to the career path they choose. To meet our students's many interests, we currently offer five Career Pathways in the fields of engineering, finance, information technology, law and diplomacy, and medicine. Visit our Career Pathways page to learn more.

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Do you provide tutoring or extra assistance to help students with the challenging curriculum?

Yes. We want every student to succeed and provide multiple opportunities for students to get the help they need. Visit our Programs page to learn more about how we help our students.

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What are New Designs Charter Schools doing to ensure the safety of my child during the COVID-19 emergency, should she/he attend in-person?

We are currently following CDC guidelines for social distancing, classroom and building sanitation cycles, and mouth coverings (masks). We will require all individuals to wear mouth covers (masks) when arriving and leaving campus and when in close proximity to others (within six feet). We will also conduct daily temperature checks on all individuals entering the building (students, staff, and visitors of any kind). In addition, we will be partnering with outside agencies, which will provide expert, medical advice and guidance for our overall district safety and health needs.

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