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Dr. Joseph Ntung » Biography


Dr. Joseph Ntung has been an employee of Inglewood Unified School District for more than 15 years. He started his educational career, with the district, at La Tijera Middle School as a History/ Geography teacher. He distinguished himself and was chosen the mentor teacher, for the school. As mentor teacher he provided support for newly hired teachers; to become familiar with the school, district, and state resources, procedures, and policies. His goal was to build reflective practitioners who will use data to set goals for future professional growth.
Most of the teachers he mentored, usually 1st and 2nd year teachers, stayed in the profession. He was promoted to the district as the district’s Title 1 coordinator of Non Public and Private schools. He coordinated the efforts of all employees to ensure the effective implementation of the Title 1 program. He also worked with principals in planning and implementing the program in all the eligible schools. He became the Assistant Principal of Centinela Elementary School, in Inglewood Unified School District, from 2004 through 2006. During his tenure, at Centinela, the school excelled in academic achievement while maintaining a safe learning environment for all students.
On the strength of its academics and safety the school applied for and was awarded the California Distinguished School award, for academic achievement and a safe school learning environment. This was one of his distinguishing achievements. While serving as the assistant principal he was studying for his doctorate in education. He now holds a doctorate of Education from Nova Southeastern University, in Educational Leadership. Presently he is the principal of New Designs Charter School – Watts, in Los Angeles County, California.