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Ms. Hazel Rojas » Director of Educational Services.

Director of Educational Services.

It is the journey that counts, not the destination” is a popular quotation that embraces virtues like perseverance, commitment and deep passion in pursuing an ultimate purpose. These are the same virtues that allowed New Designs Charter School to withstand its challenges and permitted it to blossom into a desirable institution - a safe haven that does not only empower students to think critically but is geared to mold and strengthen the hearts and minds of the youth as well.

I would like to welcome everyone to the NDCS-Watts website. I am humbly indebted to the first twelve students who first enrolled at the campus: Ashanti Coffee, De’janae Smith, Ratonya Coffee, Tamara Bunn, Steven Bunn, Kavianne Porter, Najee Wynn, Daichai Vallier, Douvosier Vallier, Ja’Nee Maxey, Breneshia Webb, and Jacob Pascual, Their remarkable beginnings have brought this institution into what it is now-continuously bringing about promising results in the Watts corridor. The school within its four fulfilling years of existence has proven its dignity through the accomplishments and triumphs attained through partnerships with other institutional entities, school support programs facilitated by dedicated faculty and staff, unceasing cooperation of beloved parents, and most of all far reaching dreams of high aspiring students. Altogether, the unanimous effort has given birth to a school where students’ potential becomes a reality.

As New Designs Charter School continues to journey with the community, rendering the quality educational service it can offer, it is imperative to give pride to the founder of the school, the man behind the realm of the school’s success, the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Yaw O. Adutwum, whom to many, served as an inspiration, a model of humility and to whom I am personally grateful to. The wisdom attained to grasp the real meaning of victory which is not POWER, but SERVICE to people was the greatest opportunity encountered in working at this institution – a priceless gift that can be treasured for a lifetime.

In pursuit of excellence, New Designs Charter School will achieve its highest potential for after all it’s not the journey that counts but the destination.