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Dr. Stephen Gyesaw » Biography


New Designs Charter School is pleased to introduce Dr. Stephen Gyesaw as our new principal. Dr. Gyesaw comes to New Designs Charter School with extensive experience and knowledge in education. Stephen has worked with students, teachers, school administrators and various communities in his roles as teacher, student data analyst, teacher-mentor, school-based management member, and school site council member. He was also the chair of the mathematics department at Manual Arts High School. Further, he was a curriculum and instruction consultant to New Designs Charter School. Stephen has also provided statistical analysis for school principals to assist them in analyzing the root causes of students’ achievement gaps.

Stephen holds various degrees: Planning with an emphasis on mathematical models, public policy with an emphasis on policy analysis and evaluation, and education with emphasis on curriculum and instruction. Stephen also holds a doctoral degree in organizational leadership in education. Dr. Gyesaw has done and continues to do research in the areas of teaching and student learning. His immense experience in education in the U.S. and abroad, his wealth of knowledge and his history of academic scholarship will be great assets to the New Design Charter School in its efforts to provide quality education to inner-city children.