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Student Dress Code NDCS - Watts Uniform Policy.

Student Dress Code
NDCS-Watts Uniform Policy
Because student attire affects the learning environment, our dress code policy aims to minimize distractions in order to focus students on academics rather than appearance. NDCS-Watts relies upon the good judgment of both students and families with respect to appearance and cleanliness. The following uniform requirements apply to all NDCS-Watts students.
 Uniform items, including pants, must be no smaller/larger than one size of the students’ regular clothing size
 Sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets may have zippers or not, but they must be solid black, green, tan, gray or white in color without logos.
Students must wear school-approved polo Black or Green shirts underneath approved OUTERWEAR.
If OUTERWEAR includes a hoodie, this must be kept down off head at all times (NO EXCEPTIONS). If hoodie becomes an issue on campus with teachers and staff having to manage the expectation then hoodies will become a prohibited item.
College logos and other NDCS-WATTS school-related logos are permitted on specific free dress days.
High Academy& Middle Academy
For ALL grade levels
 Black or Green collared shirt with school logo
 Black or khaki (tan) colored pants, shorts, or skirts
 Green sweatshirt with school logo, or plain(solid color) green, black, grey, tan or white sweatshirt/sweater with no logos
 FRIDAYS ONLY—College shirt or school-issued shirt and * Earned Jeans *
 * Jeans allowed for EARNED FREE DRESS DAY ONLY, school approved pants color
Pants, shorts, and skirts must be worn at waist and at appropriate length and fit. See below:
 Pants must be hemmed or cuffed not stapled, tacked to the back of the shoe and may not be tied at the front of the shoe with shoelace, rubber bands, etc.
 Shorts and skirts must be no more than 3 inches above the knee, front and back
 Shoes must be flat, closed-toed and appropriate for physical activity.
The following clothing items are expressly prohibited for all students at all times, including free dress days:
 Sweatpants or any athletic pants including yoga pants
 Leggings
 Jeggings (leggings of jean material)
 Tights worn as pants
 Jeans **Clean and un-torn jeans are allowed on free dress days only (must earn Free Dress)
 Inappropriately tight and/or short clothing
 Low-rise and/or hip-hugger pants
 Sagging pants
 Open-toed shoes
 Head/hair accessories such as hats, hair rags, do-rags, hairnets, bandanas and beanies are not to be worn at any time on campus. Baseball Caps,or hoods
 No clothing may be worn inside out
 Any clothing that does not properly cover the body  
 Any clothing that may be construed as having gang –affiliation (colored shoelaces, initialed belt buckles, cut-out belts, “sagging”/oversized clothing, etc.)
 Any attire that may be a distraction will be confiscated. Distracting attire includes but is not limited to accessories, such as extra clothing pieces and excessive and/or large pieces of jewelry.
 Headphones are not to be worn on campus except for in class with explicit permission from the classroom teacher.
Physical Education Uniform
All students taking physical education courses are required to “dress” for physical education. A changing area with separate areas for males and females is available. The physical education uniform required at NDCS-Watts is:
 White PE shirt
 Blue PE shorts with school logo
 Tennis shoes
The physical education uniform is only to be worn during the P.E. class. Students will be required to change back into the school uniform when the class ends each day.
Out of Uniform Consequences
Students who are not in proper uniform will receive the following:
1st Violation- Support Room after school until 4pm—Teleparent message sent home
2nd Violation- Phone call home, Campus Beautification
3rd Violation- Parent Conference
4th Violation- In-School Suspension
Parents will be contacted immediately when their student is not adhering to the uniform policy described above. If a student is out of uniform, parents will be asked to bring the student a change of clothes before the student may return to class. Students are expected to be responsible for coming to school in uniform and to check their own attire.
Students who are not in compliance with the uniform policy will be dealt with on an individual basis with the Dean of Students.
All students whose attire is in violation of Dress Code policy may face disciplinary action and are not permitted to return to class until they have changed.
Free Dress Guidelines
1. All students in free dress must display their dated free dress wristband for the entire school day.
2. Male and female students are permitted to wear casual pants, including clean and un-torn jeans.
3. Male and female students are permitted to wear T-shirts, sweatshirts or other casual shirts/blouses provided they are modest and do not make reference to drugs, alcoholic beverages, taverns, offensive activities or hard rock concerts, etc.
4. Bare midriffs and clothing that is sexually suggestive or fails to conceal undergarments (such as bras and bra straps), back, abdomen, and cleavage will not be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, halter tops, short shorts/skirts, bathing suits, tank tops, low-cut tops/dresses, or muscle shirts.
5. Gang attire of any kind will not be allowed. This includes gang-related clothing, solid colors of red or blue clothing or accessories, including but not limited to bandanas, or other symbols, emblems, or insignia are prohibited. Gang-related web belts with or without punched out metal buckles are prohibited. Dangerous clothing accessories are prohibited (i.e., spiked jewelry, studded collars, studded belts).
6. Female students may wear casual slacks, shorts, or skirts that fall no more than three inches above the knee with appropriate blouses.
7. Sandals are not permitted for either male or female students.
8. Neither male nor female students are permitted to wear caps or hats. Hats are not to be worn during school time.
Head Covering Policy
The following rules regarding hats on campus must be observed:
 Hats and head covering must be removed in all buildings/classrooms. Bandanas, scarves, skull/wave caps, and ski masks are not permitted on campus.
 Sports caps are not allowed anywhere on campus.
 Hairnets, shower caps, hair rags, or other grooming items are not allowed.
Students may wear head coverings required in observance of their religion.
Students who violate NDCS-Watts head covering policy will have the item(s) confiscated and may be subject to the following progressive disciplinary procedures:
1st Offense: Confiscation of hat by staff member. Return of hat to Parent at the end of their school day (depending on when the hat was confiscated).
2nd Offense: Confiscation of hat and mandatory parent conference regarding NDCS-Watts hat policy and 2 hours of community service is required prior to parent conference.
3rd Offense: Progressive discipline plan – may include detention and/or suspension.