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In pursuit of excellence, New Designs prepares students to succeed in a global, diverse, information-based, and technologically advanced society.  New Designs’ applicants are not screened academically prior to admission: they are treated on a first-come, first-served basis . The schools are committed to the development of a college-preparatory learning environment that enables students  to receive a strong foundation in mathematics, science, technology and the arts during their secondary school years.  


Towards that end, all graduates of New Designs Charter Schools must earn a minimum of  245 credits, meet all the State of California graduation requirements, including passing the state high school exit exams (CAHSEE), meet or exceed the A-G requirements of the University of California systems, complete a career majors, and complete a service learning and internship program prior to the end of the first semester of their senior year.  All students are invited to participate in the Extended Learning Academy which provides tutoring and academic support before and after school.  All students are required to attend Saturday School at least two Saturday mornings per month.


Achievement is honored with weekly and monthly recognitions of students in each class and grade level. Twice yearly school-wide Honor Roll Induction Ceremonies are held.  Faculty and families support their students as they are recognized with medals for outstanding academic progress.


We continue to make great progress in bringing together all of the elements of the New Designs’ educational program, simultaneously blurring the line between our academic and technical education programs.  With the support of parents, and community and business partnerships, we continuously strive to strengthen our educational standards and, consequently, our students’ academic performance.

New Design’s curriculum is framed around answering questions and solving problems. Students address real-world issues, working in teams and studying questions and themes that cut across academic disciplines.


New Designs’ curriculum maximizes interactions between students and between students and teachers, and minimizes constraints on crossing lines between disciplines.  Students work on integrated projects incorporating science, language, and social studies while building on their information technology skills. Projects may range from community studies to robotics to building a submarine. As they participate, students begin to learn and to apply different perspectives and methods of the sciences and other academic disciplines.