Academics » Extended Learning Academy (After School Program - Watts).

Extended Learning Academy (After School Program - Watts).

After School Program
The New Designs Watts after school program is an enrichment program designed 
to bridge classroom experience with real life activities.
The program provides opportunity for students to learn and understand concepts which they could
not understand during regular class hours. Participating students also have the chance to get help 
with their homework and other class assignments.
Our  robotics drone class help students understand simple mathematical concepts such as proportions and how
proportions are applied in the real world.
Our film and Photography class provide students opportunity to bring to life their classroom assignments
and home work such as reenacting historical events and capturing those events to share with their class mates
through cinematic experience as they take the film and photography classes.
Students enrolled in our team sport events such as soccer learn not only the important team building skills
needed in any workplace and social setting, but also critical listening skills provided by their coaches and coaches
Our robotics class continues to thrill students as they are able to assemble, program and operate a robot 
that can either  pick garbage or engage in a battle.
Artistically talented students are provided opportunity to express themselves through our dance and music
programs which are subjects not officially offered by the school.