English 8D (Period 7)

Course Description


AFTER SCHOOL TUTORING DAY: Wednesdays 3:45-4:15

Course Description: Eighth Grade Language Arts is designed to involve the student in applying reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing skills in an independent manner through meaningful interdisciplinary tasks. Students will continue to develop an appreciation for literature through the study of literary elements in classic and contemporary selections. Emphasis is placed on moving from the literal to the abstract in the students’ critical thinking skills and in the use of language. With this in mind all students will be able to achieve success utilizing critical thinking, analyzing, evaluating, problem-solving, and reading and writing skills.

Methods of Instruction: Students will be engaged in the learning process by:

  • Individual exploration and research
  • Group lectures and discussions
  • Small group team-oriented activities
  • Hands-on activities such as projects and portfolio work
  • Oral presentations
  • Written compositions

In order to effectively reach these goals the following are to be brought to class every day:

  • CLASS MATERIALS–3-RING BINDER (containing ALL CLASS MATERIALS- textbook, notes, homework, etc).

 Supplies Needed for this class

  • 2-INCH THREE RING BINDER that contains loose-leaf notebook paper (college ruled)


  • 3x5 Index Cards – 2 packs of (White Lined)
  • BLUE & BLACK PENS & Pencil (s) (#2 pencils or mechanical pencils with .07 lead)
  • COLORED PENS (Purple, Orange, Pink, RED (4-5) or Green for correcting assignments in class)
  • HIGHLIGHTERS (Standard Colors: Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, & PURPLE etc.)
  • MINI STAPLER & Staples

 NOTE:  Please be aware that having your supplies in class every day is a huge part of the PARTICIPATION GRADE FOR THIS CLASS.

 EVALUATION: Students will be evaluated using a semester system. All grades will be posted to PowerSchool and available for students and parents to review 24 hrs, 7 days a week. Student/Parent Progress Report FORMAL CONFERENCES are held ONCE DURING EACH Semester. These grades will CONSIST of

 ~ FORMAL SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS- 40% of students’ grade average – this category will include traditional tests, common unit assessments, projects, performance tasks, essays and presentations.

  FORMAL FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS -45% of students’ grade average- this category will include quizzes, short constructed response, graphic organizers, academic talk, any graded homework and class work tasks.

 ~PARTICIPATION - 15% of students’ grade average in the course. this category will include non-graded assignments, such as Journal entries, non-graded homework sheets, discussions based on opinions, parent signatures.

~ GRADING SCALE USED FOR THIS CLASS:   100%-90%  = A    89%-80% = B    79%-73% = C  

 72%-70% = C-                       69%-0%  = F                  NOT TURNED IN = 0%        

                                                                                          INCOMPLETE ASSIGNMENTS = 0%                    

Most homework, unless otherwise stated in class, assignments will be evaluated based on the following system:  Check Plus            = 100%  (5 points)                      Check Minus               = 20%    (1 point)

                Check            = 75%    (3.5 points)                   NOT TURNED IN       = 0%      (0 points)

Upcoming Assignments See all

Could not find any upcoming assignments due.

See all posted assignments for this class.


No more late work accepted from August-October

As of Monday, November 18, 2019
No more late assignments that was assigned from August through October will be accepted without a Parent Conference.
Students should focus on completing work that has been assigned during the month of November.
Parents wishing to schedule a conference should call the office and speak to someone to schedule one. This is the only way, I can be sure and speak with every parent with out schedule conflicts or really long wait times.
Thank you in advance.


CLASS NOTES to complete the graphic organizer
1. Copy & Complete the Graphic Organizer on a separate sheet of paper.
2.  Be sure to completely answer each question
3. The hero you create MUST BE COMPLETELY ORIGINAL
~ YOUR hero CAN NOT have powers that are already exist in ANY OTHER HERO (ie. Superman, Iron Man, Captian Marval).